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brass sun earrings

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Handmade coin earrings with hand stamped sun detail on a thin wire hoop.

"The inspiration behind this one was multi-faceted. Living in a country which can be unrelentingly grey, it was important for me to carry a piece of the sun with me, especially at the end of summer, when this was designed. Also, in the tarot, the Sun card represents energy, success and abundance, something all of us could use in our lives, so this is a wearable talisman, helping to bring those elements to those who wear it."

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and it is an eco-friendly alternative to gold or silver, as it is mainly produced from recycled scrap metal.It does tend to tarnish over time, but can be made shiny again with some lemon juice and a damp cloth. Please note, in the interest of avoiding waste, each piece is made to order and can take up to a week to ship. If something is required faster, just drop me a note, and I will do my best to help!

Jewellery is sent in plastic-free packaging. Everything is vegan (no coral or pearls here!) and all chemicals used in the process of producing these pieces are eco-friendly, non-toxic and free from animal ingredients.